The First Hold 2 Earn (H2E) Culture Coin On AVAX

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PAYDAY Features

Earn Every Day

Give yourself a Payday Every Day with our unique Hold 2 Earn (H2E) rewards mechanism. Holding $PAYDAY rewards you with continual $AVAX returns.

Maximize Reward

$PAYDAY operates with an 8% tax with 6% going back to the holders in $AVAX rewards and 2% going to the Project Wallet. Tax collections are auto-swapped into $AVAX and distributed amongst holders.

Effortless Earnings

Our H2E Rewards Mechanism is 100% automatic. No need to connect or claim your $AVAX rewards. Just hold, shill, & earn a nice $PAYDAY!


Total Tax

6% for rewards and 2% for Project

Total Supply

10,000,000 / 4,000,000 Total Burned

Giveaway & Donation

5% Supply (Project Giveaway’s & Donations)

Stake 2 Earn (S2E) NFT Collection

In the coming weeks – we will be launching our unique S2E NFT Collection where you can mint an NFT and Stake for $AVAX rewards.

Our NFT Collection will carry 6 different typed of NFTs with different number of $PAYDAY logo coins on them.

1 Coin NFT = 1x Booster

2 Coin NFT = 2x Booster

3 Coin NFT = 3x Booster

4 Coin NFT = 4x Booster

5 Coin NFT = 5x Booster

6 Coin NFT = 6x Booster

Mint Price: TBH

A 1 Coin NFT will give you regular 1x Booster Staking Rewards.

A 6 Coin NFT will give you 6x Booster Staking Rewards (6 times as much as a 1 Coin NFT would pay out)

NFT Collection Revenue

Revenue from the NFT Collection will be distributed as follows:

7.5% For Development

7.5% To Marketing

15% Auto Buyback & Burns

70% Into Staking Pool


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